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Who We Are

The Algerian American Association for Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship is a US non-profit membership-based organization. Founded in 2020 by a group of scientist and
professionals, AAASTE strives to serve the needs of the scientific community both in the US and Algeria through several initiatives and programs. We aim to develop strong working relationships and strong partnerships with academic institutions and the business community in Algeria.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to advance the role of science, technology, and entrepreneurship in Algeria through academic and professional initiatives designed to encourage participation in a knowledge-based economy that will raise the standard of living for the Algerian people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage scientists, students, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, professional societies, and businesses in order to promote a knowledge-based economy in Algeria, with a focus on quality higher education, high performance information systems, project-based research and development, socially-valuable innovation, entrepreneurship, and the effective operation of economic institutions based on good governance.

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  • Promote science-based programs and sustainable economic and business practices in Algeria.
  • Establish collaboration and partnerships in science, technology, and entrepreneurship
  • between academic institutions, NGOs, professional societies, and industry in the United States and Algeria.
  • Develop programs to train Algerian scientists, engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and students in areas of special importance to Algeria’s economy and society.
  • Act as an independent adviser to higher education institutions and public and private
  • sector entities on issues related to the advancement of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship
    in Algeria.
  • Create lasting partnerships between Algerian and U.S. universities.
  • Assist in updating university curricula and teaching methods to align Algerian university
    education with the needs of the business sector.
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  • Help build Algerian universities’ capacity in education, research, and management. 
  • Strengthen university linkages with industry through the promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Assist Algerian managers, entrepreneurs and institutions with strategic and business
    planning (including financing, marketing, business development, etc.).
  • Develop and deliver courses, workshops, and/or seminars in emerging fields in science,
    technology, management,
    and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance the training of graduate students and faculty with the delivery of specialized
    courses and facilitate hosting students and faculty at US institutions/laboratories through
    exchange programs.
  • Deliver specialized workshops on scientific and business communication, effective
    research for advanced degrees, and grant writing.
  • Provide mentoring and advising to Algerian students, educators, and entrepreneurs.
  • Raise funding to support the implementation of the Association’s objectives and initiatives.

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