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Benefits of AAASTE Membership

Now more than ever before, networking and knowledge sharing are essential for successful partnerships and for advancing a person’s professional goals. AAASTE membership gives you access to our programs as well as networking opportunities with professionals in your field both in the US and Algeria and even around the world. It also offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge with faculty and students at Algerian universities through seminars, webinar and in person interactions. We also help and encourage our members to seek external funding for implementing projects in Algeria.

Membership types

Any individual who is interested in our mission and shares the same vision of engaging with the US and Algerian academic and professional community is encouraged to join.

The membership is based on an annual calendar from January to December.

•  Professionals and faculty – 80 USD

This type of membership is available to US and Algerian based individuals from any profession and academic institutions who are interested in fostering relations between the US and Algeria.

•  Students – 20 USD

This type of membership is available to full-time students enrolled in a post-secondary institution either in the US or Algeria.

To join, simply complete the information requested on the right-hand side and in a few steps, you will become an AAASTE member. Once you join you will receive a confirmation email.