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We thank you for being here and joining us to support our scholarships, awards, and internship programs. We need your financial support to help enhance students’ participation in higher education and encourage professionals and faculty members to strive for excellence.

Why donate to AAASTE?

AAASTE is a 501(c)(3) organization as such all donations it received are tax deductible. These programs are designed to help students who are in need to continue their undergraduate and graduate education. Through our awards, we want to encourage and recognize our members’ civic and professional accomplishments and contributions to their community. The total amount of the donations we receive go towards supporting scholarships and awards programs. We prefer to have unrestricted donations, however, if you feel strongly about one of our programs, you can make a restricted donation.

As of January 1, 2022, AAASTE will launch several scholarship and award initiatives as described below.


  • Undergraduate Student Scholarships
    This award will provide some monetary support for undergraduate programs in science, technology and entrepreneurship who are studying in the US for freshmen.
  • Undergraduate and graduate Application Support
    This award will cover the application fee for Algerian students who are applying to pursue their degree as undergraduates or graduates at a US university.


  • Outstanding Service Award
    This award is presented to an individual member exhibiting outstanding service to the association and to the Algerian community at-large.
  • Student of the Year Award
    This award is presented to a student member, a volunteer, or an intern exhibiting outstanding service to the association and to the Algerian community at large.
  • Best Student Presentation of the Year
    This award will be given to a person (member or otherwise) for the most outstanding presentation at a conference or other venues.