Medical Education and Residency in the US

March 2 2024

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Algiers time
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
2 hours duration
150 places

Join our webinar series for a comprehensive exploration of key aspects in the field of Medical Education in the US. Delve into the intricacies of entering the US medical system, including the processes and requirements essential for a successful journey.

Gain insights into the choices between a Physician and Physician-Scientist career, understanding the nuances that shape each path. Uncover the crucial steps on the Path to Medical Residency, from ECFMG certification to navigating the credentialing process.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully navigate the Match Process, ensuring a strategic and successful residency placement through NRMP and ECFMG. Whether you’re a medical student or a practicing doctor, this webinar series provides invaluable guidance for a thriving career in the US medical landscape.

Learning objectives:

1. Medical Education in the US: Understand the processes and requirements involved before entering the US medical system and initial procedures such as securing clinical electives.

2. Physician versus Physician-Scientist Career: Investigate the differences in becoming a Physician-Scientist and navigating the process.

3. Path to Medical Residency: Explore the requirements and details needed for ECFMG certification and the subsequent credentialing process.

4. Navigating the Match Process: Equip medical students and doctors with the necessary resources to successfully secure a residency position through NRMP and ECFMG.

Theme: Medical School Education.

Type of activity: Webinar.

Target audience: Medical Students, Medical Residents, Researchers, Students.

Language: English / Algerian.


Meriem Belabed


Nassim Louail, MD

Member of the AAASTE

Dr. Louail is a physician and researcher in Medicine, specializing in Internal Medicine and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He has recently graduated with his medical degree and currently applying to the Match 2024 cycle. Originally from Algeria, he was raised in Columbus, Ohio from a young age. Nassim attended The Ohio State University for undergraduate studies and has a deep connection to the Central Ohio area. He has worked in Central Georgia for clinical rotations and has compiled the necessary details and advice to succeed clinically in rotations. He believes navigating this credentialing and Match process is complex and needs proper attention to detail and deadlines. He strives to be able to give back to his community and be able to provide students and physicians the necessary resources to successfully secure a residency position in the United States.

Sihem Boudina, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Utah
MD-PhD MSTP Admission Chair, University of Utah

Dr. Boudina was born in Algiers, Algeria. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene. She obtained her PhD degree from the University of Bordeau 2 and joined the University of Utah for post-doctoral training. She then joined the faculty at the University of Utah and has been promoted to full professor with tenure in 2023.