Algerian Scientists Publish a Book about the Algerian University System

A team of six scientists from United States, France, and Algeria – Lakhdar Boukerrou, Madjid Ayache, Mouloud Feliachi, Noureddine Zerhouni, lbn Khaldoun Lefkaier, and Abdelhalim Taieb-Brahim –  published the first comprehensive book about the Algerian University System.

The book titled “L’Université Algérienne : Evolution, Priorités et Stratégies: Pour une université algérienne performante et innovante” (The Algerian University: Evolution, Priorities and Strategies: for an Efficient and Innovative University), reviews the history of the Algerian university system, examines its current situation, and identifies the bottlenecks that are holding back its evolution.    The Algerian university started existing in its current form since the independence of the country, in 1962, when it served 2,000 students versus 1.6 million currently.  This incredible growth resulted in the creation of a network of over 85 academic institutions and more than 15 research centers which led to challenges for the sector.  The book examines the challenges in the areas of governance, research, education, mobility, and professionalization.

To read a French, English, and Arabic Summary of the book please click here. To read a press review of the book by the Algerian national newspaper “El Watan”, please click here. The book is available on all the Amazon platforms and is on sale in librairies across the country in Algerie.