Our Three Pillars

The activities of the Algerian American Association for Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship are focused on three areas. These areas constitute the pillars for our interventions.


In the areas of science, we aim to create long-lasting and sustainable partnerships between Algerian and U.S. universities. Such partnerships will help build Algerian universities’ capacities by transferring US best practices in education, research, and management.

We also aim to enhance the training of graduate students and faculty with the delivery of specialized and targeted content. We encourage the mobility of faculty and students from both countries to create a learning and knowledge sharing environment.


In terms of technology our goal is to address the issue of innovation and the academic-public/private sector relationship to engage the university in the country’s socio-economic development. Through our activities, we hope to promote the involvement of faculty and students in research and education technological advances.


Strengthening the university and the public/private sector linkages through the promotion of entrepreneurship education while assisting Algerian managers, entrepreneurs and institutions with strategic and business planning, financing, marketing, and business development to create a competitive business environment.

Furthermore, and as a cross cutting activity in support of these three pillars our members will develop and deliver courses, workshops, and seminars in emerging in science, technology, management, and entrepreneurship fields and will provide mentoring and advising to Algerian students, educators, and entrepreneurs.