Scientific Mastery¬†“From Inquiry to Impact”

The Program

About the event

Embark on a global journey of intellectual exploration with the “Scientific Mastery Webinar Series: From Inquiry to Impact.” This comprehensive series organized by the Algerian American Association of Science Technology and Entrepreneurship (AAASTE) in collaboration with immuNOfrontiers, invite participants to join a transformative experience that turns scientific curiosity into impactful research and publication.

The series unfolds with setting the stage for a deep dive into the essence of scientific research. Addressing challenges specific to Algerian research, participants will gain insights into overcoming publishing hurdles in Algeria, fostering a collaborative and globally relevant perspective.

The subsequent sessions cover a spectrum of crucial topics, from navigating the bibliographic landscape and understanding ethical considerations in research to decoding scientific papers and mastering the art of scientific writing.

This global webinar series provides a unique opportunity for participants to engage in interactive discussions, workshops, and live demonstrations, fostering a community of scientists and researchers committed to advancing knowledge and making a global impact. The diverse sessions, ensure a holistic and dynamic learning experience for participants.

Join us on this collective journey of knowledge and exploration, where the pursuit of scientific mastery knows no borders.

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the bibliographic research tools and develop your search strategies.
  • Get to know the core ethical concepts and policies to consider in research.
  • Learn how to efficiently read and analyze scientific papers, and extract the information you need to shape your research. 
  • Learn how to craft effective research questions and hypothesis.
  • Develop Successful proposals for grant applications and funding opportunities.
  • Design and plan experimental approaches to answer your scientific questions.
  • Develop effective scientific writing skills and learn about the publication process.
  • Discover how to transition a scientific question into a viable Startup.

Targeted disciplines

  • Biomedical sciences


  • Ahmed Amine Zergoun (Algeria)
  • Selma Chami (Algeria)
  • Chang Moon (USA)
  • Imene Soufli (Algeria)
  • Nader Yatim (USA)
  • Meriem Belabed (USA)
  • Rihab Bouchareb (USA)
  • Samarth Hegde (USA)
  • Samir Aouadi (USA)
  • Ines Bellil (Algeria)
  • Mohamed Bedrouni (USA) 

About the workshop

Language: English

Workplace:  Virtual 

Date:  May 21- 31, 2024

Time: 6pm Algeria Time – 1pm EST

Duration:  2 weeks

Organizing committee

  • Meriem Belabed
  • Selma Chami
  • Hamza Ahmed Serir
  • Fatma Sakhri
  • Ahmed Amine Zergoun


Registration is free of charge. However, a selection of participants will be based on their background and motivation. Those selected will receive a confirmation email, including the Zoom link for seamless access to the webinar.


Certificates of attendance will be issued to participants who attend all the sessions. It serves as a formal recognition of their commitment to the comprehensive learning experience provided throughout the sessions.