Anfel Chemchem

Founder of Zeytuna Cosmetics (Algeria)

Anfel Chemchem, holder of a Masters’ degree in Applied microbiology from the University of Jijel 2020, Founder of Zeytuna cosmetics and President of Optimize Association, an Algerian association promoting science and entrepreneurship.

Zeytuna Cosmetics was founded in 2021, it is an Algerian cosmetic brand renowned for its commitment to natural, allergen-free, and eco-conscious beauty products. Zeytuna strives to minimize plastic usage while avoiding synthetic fragrances and colorants in its formulations.

Their product line is extensive, featuring a wide range of items, including serums, soaps, creams, and balms. Zeytuna Cosmetics has become a go-to choice for individuals seeking holistic skincare solutions that prioritize both their well-being and the environment.