Rayane Djaffafla

Fulbright Grantee, Architecture student at Arizona State University.

Rayane Djaffafla is an international student and a Fulbright Grantee currently pursuing a second master’s degree in architecture at Arizona State University. She holds a master’s degree in Bioclimatic Architecture and habitat and has proficiency in Arabic and French. Prior to joining Arizona State University, she worked as an architect in Algeria on residential, commercial, Saharan touristic development, and military projects.

Rayane’s current focus is on Indigenous architectures around the world, particularly in the African region, with the aim of providing sustainable solutions for climate change. She has also collaborated with the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, on a research project for Indigenous communities.

Her ultimate goal is to challenge young architects to rethink architecture beyond the confines of traditional practices and to create innovative solutions that are environmentally conscious.