Walid Ouaret, PhD Researcher

Walid Ouaret is a scholar and researcher in Geographical Sciences, specializing in Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Climate, and Food Security. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Maryland, College Park, he focuses on agricultural drought early warning systems and remote sensing applications in cropland estimation, drought monitoring, forecasting, and Early Warning Systems design. With an M.S. in Climate, Land Use, and Ecosystem Services from Université Paris-Saclay/AgroParisTech, and a degree in Agronomy from Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique, Algiers.

Walid brings a strong academic background to his research endeavors. Throughout his career, Walid has actively participated in various research projects, including collaborations with NASA on remote sensing and GIS projects. He has a keen interest in addressing the impact of climate change on agriculture, particularly in Northern Africa, and has secured funding for and contributed to international research efforts in this domain. Moreover, as the co-founder and CEO of Field Factory, he demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills by developing an innovative in-field biorefinery process for bio-filament production in 3D printing and sustainable extraction of bio by-products.

Walid Ouaret’s passion for geographical sciences, coupled with his practical experiences and academic achievements, positions him as a promising researcher with a strong commitment to advancing scientific knowledge for the benefit of the environment and global sustainability.