Yasmine Ait Ouamer

Teacher researcher (College; USA)

Yasmine holds a master degree in natural and life sciences, option: Genetics and physiology. And a PhD in natural and life sciences, option: forest ecology. Teaching is a big part of Yasmine’s career. She has 9 years of professional experience in higher and secondary education. Yasmine had several lecturer positions on different modules within the biology department at the university, and SVT subjects and scientific teaching. During her career, Yasmine has been also involved in the preparation of written and oral tests for the French BAC exams, and the selection tests for medical schools.

Currently, Yasmine is teaching physics and chemistry in USA for college preparatory classes. Yasmine likes transmission of science. She does the teaching profession with pleasure and a lot of devotion. A teacher by nature, Yasmine has a very good contact with the students, it allowed her to constantly evolve and to always be up to date with scientific news.

Yasmine has another aspect of her career, she is in fact a teacher-researcher. She carried out several research internships in France, first during her master’s degree at CIML immunology, INSERM in LUMINY, Marseille, France. and then for her doctoral thesis at BIOGECO at INRA in Bordeaux. These strengthened her passion for research and my knowledge in genetics, genomics and in particular in the manipulation of bioinformatics software.