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Our Three Pillars

The activities of the Algerian American Association for Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship are focused on three areas. These areas constitute the pillars for our interventions.


In the areas of science, we aim to create long-lasting and sustainable partnerships between Algerian and U.S. universities. Such partnerships will help build Algerian universities’ capacities by transferring US best practices in education, research, and management.

We also aim to enhance the training of graduate students and faculty with the delivery of specialized and targeted content. We encourage the mobility of faculty and students from both countries to create a learning and knowledge sharing environment.


In terms of technology our goal is to address the issue of innovation and the academic-public/private sector relationship to engage the university in the country’s socio-economic development. Through our activities, we hope to promote the involvement of faculty and students in research and education technological advances.


Strengthening the university and the public/private sector linkages through the promotion of entrepreneurship education while assisting Algerian managers, entrepreneurs and institutions with strategic and business planning, financing, marketing, and business development to create a competitive business environment.

Furthermore, and as a cross cutting activity in support of these three pillars our members will develop and deliver courses, workshops, and seminars in emerging in science, technology, management, and entrepreneurship fields and will provide mentoring and advising to Algerian students, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Word From The President

Welcome to the Algerian-American Association for Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship website! The hardworking people behind this new initiative have big dreams of contributing to research eminence, education excellence, and innovative entrepreneurship in Algeria. We would like all stakeholders to experience our work in a fun and exciting way.

We are a new and dynamic association of like-minded people with an innovative approach to collaboration between scientists, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties both in Algerian and the United States.

The time is ripe for us to expand our outreach to such groups in Algeria and to create collaboration and learning opportunities while sharing knowledge from both countries. As such, we want to contribute to developing the historical ties between Algeria and the US. We live in an interconnect world where globalization and international education and collaboration are becoming the norm not the exception.

More engagement is needed from the academic, public, and private sectors to create opportunities for economic development in Algeria. We need to work together in these exciting times. As a non-profit organization, our vision is to “to advance the role of science, technology, and entrepreneurship in Algeria through academic and professional initiatives …” Our institutional promise is to engage with colleagues in Algeria and the United States to promote projects and activities aimed at advancing research, education, and entrepreneurship.

Our Board invites you to become a member and welcomes your involvement and contributions. You are also invited to attend our programs, online lectures, in-country projects, workshops. Please visit our Program page for more information. I am looking forward to welcoming you within the ranks of the association.

Press Kit

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We thank you for being here and joining us to support our scholarships, awards, and internship programs. We need your financial support to help enhance students’ participation in higher education and encourage professionals and faculty members to strive for excellence.

Why donate to AAASTE?

AAASTE is a 501(c)(3) organization as such all donations it received are tax deductible. These programs are designed to help students who are in need to continue their undergraduate and graduate education. Through our awards, we want to encourage and recognize our members’ civic and professional accomplishments and contributions to their community. The total amount of the donations we receive go towards supporting scholarships and awards programs. We prefer to have unrestricted donations, however, if you feel strongly about one of our programs, you can make a restricted donation.

As of January 1, 2022, AAASTE will launch several scholarship and award initiatives as described below.


  • Undergraduate Student Scholarships
    This award will provide some monetary support for undergraduate programs in science, technology and entrepreneurship who are studying in the US for freshmen.
  • Undergraduate and graduate Application Support
    This award will cover the application fee for Algerian students who are applying to pursue their degree as undergraduates or graduates at a US university.


  • Outstanding Service Award
    This award is presented to an individual member exhibiting outstanding service to the association and to the Algerian community at-large.
  • Student of the Year Award
    This award is presented to a student member, a volunteer, or an intern exhibiting outstanding service to the association and to the Algerian community at large.
  • Best Student Presentation of the Year
    This award will be given to a person (member or otherwise) for the most outstanding presentation at a conference or other venues.

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Benefits of AAASTE Membership

Now more than ever before, networking and knowledge sharing are essential for successful partnerships and for advancing a person’s professional goals. AAASTE membership gives you access to our programs as well as networking opportunities with professionals in your field both in the US and Algeria and even around the world. It also offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge with faculty and students at Algerian universities through seminars, webinar and in person interactions. We also help and encourage our members to seek external funding for implementing projects in Algeria.

Membership types

Any individual who is interested in our mission and shares the same vision of engaging with the US and Algerian academic and professional community is encouraged to join.

The membership is based on an annual calendar from January to December.

•  Professionals and faculty – 100 USD

This type of membership is available to US and Algerian based individuals from any profession and academic institutions who are interested in fostering relations between the US and Algeria.

•  Students – 25 USD

This type of membership is available to full-time students enrolled in a post-secondary institution either in the US or Algeria.

To join, simply complete the information requested on the right-hand side and in a few steps, you will become an AAASTE member. Once you join you will receive a confirmation email.

Scholarships & Awards

None at the moment.


None at the moment.

The hardworking people behind this new
initiative have big dreams of contributing to
research eminence, education excellence, and
innovative entrepreneurship in Algeria.
Lakhdar Boukerrou

Who We Are

The Algerian American Association for Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (AAASTE) is a US non-profit membership-based organization. Founded in 2020 by a group of scientist and professionals, AAASTE strives to serve the needs of the scientific community both in the US and Algeria through several initiatives and programs. We aim to develop strong working relationships and strong partnerships with academic institutions and the business community in Algeria.

Our Vision

Our vision is to advance the role of science, technology, and entrepreneurship in Algeria through academic and professional initiatives designed to encourage participation in a knowledge-based economy that will raise the standard of living for the Algerian people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage scientists, students, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, professional societies, and businesses in order to promote a knowledge-based economy in Algeria, with a focus on quality higher education, high performance information systems, project-based research and development, socially-valuable innovation, entrepreneurship, and the effective operation of economic institutions based on good governance.

Our Structure

AAASTE structure includes three Working Groups and two Standing Committees as listed below.

  1. Science Working Group (SWG)
  2. Technology Working Group (TWG)
  3. Entrepreneurship & Business Working Group (EWG)
  4. Scholarships and Awards Committee (SAC)
  5. Students’ Initiatives Committee (SIC)
  6. The Board may from time to time appoint other Working Groups and Standing Committees as well as Ad-Hoc Working Groups and Committees.

For more information about each Working Group and Standing Committee, please click here.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are a core part of our team, they support AAASTE in many managerial and scientific aspects, all while investing their skills, minds, and hearts in support of advancing the role of science, technology, and entrepreneurship in the US and Algeria.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the form and we will get back to you.

Our Interns

AAASTE is looking for undergraduate and graduate students interns from Algeria and the United States. The interns will be involved in a variety of activities in support of the Association’s mission. Such activities might include working closely with the various committees (science, technology, entrepreneurship, membership, program, etc.) and Board members such as the Secretary, President, and others. Internships applications are accepted throughout the year with three internship starting dates.

Other internship opportunities outside of the Association might be available with our current members. If you are interested, please complete the application form and submit the required your CV and a cover letter expressing the reason(s) of your interest in an internship with our association.

Become a Volunteer

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